Digital Marketing Basics

There is no shortage of categories and subcategories within the scope of marketing.  It almost makes you dizzy just trying to figure it all out, but for now we’re just going to focus on digital marketing.  Digital marketing is essentially marketing any product or service over the internet.  That being said how you go about doing digital marketing the right way is slightly more complicated.

So here are the basics of digital marketing:

Digital marketing can be broken down into its own sub categories that include SEO or search engine optimization, banner advertising, PPC advertising, email, RSS, blogging, and social networking.  Again it is promoting or selling anything on the internet and there are plenty of ways to do that.  Let’s look at what the average business owner uses to promote his business.


Search Engine Optimization is simply promoting your website until it takes the top position in the search engines.  Now there are several search engines, Bing and Yahoo but the only one most care about is Google.  Almost 80% of search traffic comes from Google so that makes them king of the castle when it comes to search.  Optimizing and promoting your website is no easy task either and most businesses will either have an inhouse team to take care of that or work with a digital marketing agency.  Here is a video explaining why you should work with a digital marketing agency.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the next most used tool for businesses to promote their products and services online.  This is using sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn just to name a few.

Social media marketing is an art unto itself, and for the unaware business owner it can seem a waste of time.  First many rely too heavily on Facebook and the organic reach on Facebook is terrible.  Second there is a method to posting effectively on any social network, which means you need to post frequently and at the right times of day.  Most business owners lack both the time and the knowledge, and in the long run you’re far better off using a digital marketing agency.


Now we’ve come to the last tool that is most often used, and that is Pay Per Click marketing.  Those are the little ads you seen on the search results page when you Google something.  You pay Google to show your ads every time someone searches for one of the keywords that you have ‘bid’ on.  PPC can’t get extremely expensive if not handled the right way, you spend too much money on vague keywords that don’t express buying intent. PPC isn’t a viable long term strategy and you’re far better off with SEO.

That’s digital marketing basics all summed up for you.

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