Why Your Next PC Should Be Custom Built

To custom build or to buy a pre-built PC. It is a tough question for PC lovers. The option of assembling your own PC has always been available since PCs came into the market. Although some people prefer to buy, the advantages of building a PC are enormous. Here are some of the reasons why your next PC should be custom built.

Selection of parts:

A custom built PC is a sum of parts specifically selected by you to suit your needs. You get to be as specific as you want in choosing the CPU, motherboard and other components which is not the case when buying a pre-built PC. Basically, you design your own PC. In some cases while buying, there might be the option of customizing but the selection of the parts still does not lie with you.


A pre-built PC will be branded and its components will also be branded. However, there are many components being manufactured that are high quality but not branded. They perform just as well as their branded counterparts at half the price if not less. When you build you can choose these options.


A custom built PC allows you the option of upgrading the hardware should you need to. You are able to ensure the use of your computer for years by this upgrading. A bought computer will not give you the option of changing parts in case of a problem. The only option is to buy a new machine.

Computer Furniture:

The furniture you put your computer on matters, but you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg.  We recommend checking out a quality online discount furniture store.  We especially like this rustic desk.  It adds a nice steam punk vibe to our PC gaming.


Since you are buying each component separately, each comes with its own one year warranty.  You never know when an electrical surge will fry a computer’s components. If a part is not functioning well and you open up your PC, you still have the full warranty for the individual part that’s not working. Pre built PCs do come with warranty. However it is only effective if you use the PC as per their instructions. Should they feel that this wasn’t the case the warranty becomes void.


With building your PC you learn everything from scratch about how to assemble the parts which helps in understanding how the PC works. In case of a problem you can repair your own PC since you now know what each component does. You effectively cut out repair and maintenance bills.

Designing and custom building a PC makes that computer more personal than you can imagine. It will serve you for years to come while reminding you of what you can achieve should you put your mind to it.

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